Ovi Featured in GQ

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Alex Ovechkin is featured in the November 2010 GQ Magazine. Alex opens up about many things in this piece. 

Ovi compares Washington, D.C. to his hometown of Moscow, Russia.  "In Moscow, if you have money, you're king," he says with a lopsided grin. "If you don't—sorry, man, get lost. I mean, it's like this everywhere. But in Moscow, it's much more hard-core."

He talks about women. "If you compare Russia and America," he explains sagely, "they are two different worlds. People, cars, clothes. Girls' figures. Especially girls' figures." He talks about losing in the playoffs. "You know, it's hard for me, but for everybody. We know we can win, but we don't win it. It's pretty hard."

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Ovechkin was ranked number 48 out of 50 of the most powerful people in DC by GQ Magazine last October.