Caps at SneakerBall 2010

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SneakerBall is an annual black tie and sneakers gala that celebrates the best of sports in the Greater Washington D.C. region, Organized by the Greater Washington Sports Alliance Foundation.

SneakerBall VII is an interactive awards program. The public voted in categories that define excellence in athletic performance, franchise leadership, community sponsorship and media coverage and winners were announced on September 14, 2010. 
RED ROCKERS won the Best Team Spirt AwardPresented to the most enthusiastic and motivating Spirit Team in the Greater Washington, D.C. region. Congrats Red Rockers!

London Fletcher of the Washington Redskins won the Solid Character Award: Presented to the professional athlete that best exemplifies community and charitable qualities.  Mike Green was nominated for this award.

Eric Fehr, John Carlson, Brooks Laich and Nicklas Backstrom represented the Capitals at the 2010 Sneaker Ball in Washington, DC.  Stretch spoke to each of them on the red carpet and got the scoop on their sneakers and favorite DC athlete (non-Caps).
  • Fehr borrowed sneakers from John Carlson and favorite local athlete is Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez because he grew up watching him play.
  • Carlson was rockin' the red in "red old school Reebok pumps." John also likes Pudge, but got to meet Chris Cooley recently and picked him as his favorite local athlete.
  • Backstrom was excited to attend his first sneakerball and bought new shoes. Nicky likes Chris Cooley and Mike Sellers.
  • Laich wore the same sneakers as last year and wants to get more flashy ones like Stretch's cool sneakers. "I like Nyjer Morgan for the Nats. He used to play in the Western League hockey up in Canada. And then, you know, two weeks ago the little rubarb he started. (laughter). I like his game. But he's also a good player. He can steal bases. He make catches at the wall. I think he's a fantastic player." Stretch added, "We'll have to get him out on the ice" and Brooks agreed, "Yeah, you bet. Get him out."
Check out the video from the red carpet....