Caps and Snovechkin

Posted by Cheryl Nichols | Saturday, February 06, 2010 | , , | 0 comments »

While most of the DC Metro area was escaping downtown and hunkering down at home waiting for snowpolcalypse2 as instructed by local news, thousands of Caps fans journeyed to the Verizon Center to "Rock the Red" and witness Lucky 13!

Before the game, the roads were just wet and snow hadn't started to stick so fans made their way by car or Metro.  After the game, things looked much different.  Several inches had accumulated during the game against Atlanta. 

The snow didn't seem to bother Caps fans!  Lots of snowballs were thrown as, "We Want Pittsburgh" chants rang through the air.  Straight win #13 was well worth a few snowflakes!  Hope everyone made it home safe.

Here are a few photos after the game for those who decided to stay home.